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Sisters’ Market 29 April 2017

My goal this year was to do a market every couple of months. Last year I only did three. This year I have done the Seddon Makers Market, and have got 4 other markets booked until July. I’ll be at the Sisters’ Market in Bruswick on Saturday April 29th… first time I’ve done this market, so I’m looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.

Post Market Wrap-up

I’m always filled with a little nerves when I’m doing a market stall, especially one for the first time. But it seemed to start off nicely with a sale before I had even realised the doors were opened. It’s funny that what sold well at a previous market, didn’t even get one sale at this one. It’s very hard to judge how it will all go. I had a stack of new greeting cards printed prior to this market, and these were a winner. Despite being my lower end item, they sold really well, in fact, the majority of my sales came from the cards. The higher priced items are always hard to move and the customer has to absolutely love it to part with that amount, but the cards don’t require a second thought. I had some lovely customers, one who told me she followed me on Instagram and a few familiar faces… so that’s always nice to break-up the day. The PayPal reader was working a treat this time (my iPhone was so old that I couldn’t take card payments directly, only through manual entry)… so that made life easier. All in all, despite not selling a big range of items, I’m happy with the way the day went.