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Nerida Hansen Fabrics

Fabric range with Nerida Hansen Fabrics

When I first started getting into pattern design, one of my aspirations was to have my own range of fabrics. I love the idea of seeing what people create with my fabric. After several attempts showing my folio to various fabric companies, I decided to create my own range of products using fabric I had printed myself. I thought that this would be a way to get my designs ‘out there’ and a fabric range might come from doing this.

After being in touch with art agent Nerida Hansen and meeting her when I did my second Finders Keepers in Melbourne, Nerida reached out and wanted to put together a range of fabrics for her customers. To have four of my designs on fabric has been wonderful and I’ve been thrilled to see one of my designs used for Wili Heat Bags products.

The fabrics from Nerida Hansen fabrics completely sold out! Thanks to everyone who purchased my fabric and please tag me on Instagram with your creative work!

Pink Oasis and Winter Garden
Floral Toss