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Masks! The 2020 ‘hot’ item of the year…

2020 has not been an ordinary year. Since the end of March, we’ve been mostly at home, only going out for essentials. Although we had a brief return to a new normal for a few weeks, things quickly headed back to stricter measures here in Melbourne.

Despite the weariness of the same-ness each day, kids at home and it generally being a difficult time for many in our community, I started making some masks when it become recommended and then mandatory in Victoria and they were a huge hit! My Etsy store only gets a handful of orders a year, with most of my sales at markets which have all been cancelled and postponed due to Covid-19.

Although I’m at the end of my mask making (there’s now probably an over supply of them), I am grateful and thankful for everyone who purchased a mask and supported my small business.

You can visit my Etsy shop to buy a face masks (if they haven’t sold out) or any of my other products.