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Origin Magazine

My work in Vol. 45 of Origin Magazine

Origin Magazine is an American based creative magazine featuring articles and art focusing on inspiration and wellness from artists around the globe. I’ve always found buying magazines a bit of a luxury item, so it’s always exciting to sit down and flip through a magazine and even more so when your work and the work of other artists you know of are in there.

My favourite part of this magazine are the words of wisdom you’ll find from fellow artists, as well as what wellness means to them or what they do in their routine to feel a sense of balance in their lives.

One thing that I have struggled with is being able to switch off and be more present. When there is never enough time you find yourself constantly filling every last minute trying to be ‘productive’. Something I read in the magazine was that ‘doing nothing’ is ‘doing something’ for your mind and soul.

You can subscribe to the magazine here.

Volume 45 Spring Issue 2021