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Cloud 9 Fabrics

Collection with Cloud 9 Fabrics

When I first started dabbling in surface design, I had a few dream clients on my radar and Cloud 9 Fabrics was definitely one of them. They have always had such a beautiful and curated selection of designs and some of my favourite designers have had fabric collections through them. One of the other big things I love is that their fabrics are 100% certified organic cotton.

The designs in the collection

Those of you who are in art licensing will know that finding clients is by no easy feat. Firstly you need to have a collection of artwork that is unique and cohesive. It can’t look like someone else they already work with or have in the past. Then you have to submit your work, follow-up and submit new work. Sometimes you don’t hear back.

I first submitted to Cloud 9 Fabrics, years ago. It was so long ago, I can’t even remember when it was! Back then my work wasn’t polished. It didn’t have a refined quality or thought out collection. My work was not quite there.

It’s taken quite a few years, but I’m so excited to finally have a collection with Cloud 9 Fabrics! Hard work and persistence = dreams and goals being achieved!

This collection is called ‘Creatures Great and Small’ and features 8 patterns. It’s a celebration of all living things, no matter the size and a reminder to look after them and their environments for generations to come.

The fabrics are only available to pre-order for retailers via the website – but I shall keep you posted when it’s available for customers to buy! 😀