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When I was at studying and even throughout the early years of my career as a graphic designer, I had never heard of the term surface designer. There were graphic designers, illustrators, textile designers, interior designers but not surface designers. It wasn't until I started delving into the world of repeating patterns that I realised it was a thing! Rachael King, a

2020 has not been an ordinary year. Since the end of March, we've been mostly at home, only going out for essentials. Although we had a brief return to a new normal for a few weeks, things quickly headed back to stricter measures here in Melbourne. Despite the weariness of the same-ness each day, kids at home and it generally being a

I first discovered Frankie Magazine in my 20's. The content was so refreshing and was so different to the Cleo's and Cosmo's of the time. It celebrated art and design and always featured brilliant illustrations. And still does. My Winter Garden pattern which featured on a number of Monster Threads products has been featured in edition #95 of Frankie Magazine. So thrilled. And

Country Style Magazine featured my Apiary Made prints in their December 2019 Christmas Edition. Since working with Apiary Made, it's been wonderful to see these prints make their way in stockists in Australia and beyond. December 2019 Edition

I shared a little bit of my story and journey as a surface designer and maker with the folk over at Digital Fabrics. I love that they are interviewing creatives on their blog, in addition to their digital fabric printing. If you'd like to have a read of Snippets: Chats with creatives, head on over to: