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Patterns and Illustrations

Origin Magazine is an American based creative magazine featuring articles and art focusing on inspiration and wellness from artists around the globe. I've always found buying magazines a bit of a luxury item, so it's always exciting to sit down and flip through a magazine and even more so when your work and the work of other artists you know of are

Spotlight has been on my wish list for years (literally years, we're talking more than 5 years). I have pitched to Spotlight on a few occasions, but the work has never been quite right for them so it feels a tad surreal to finally have some prints in such a well known fabric store. For those of you outside of Australia, Spotlight

Sydney-based fabric printer Digital Fabrics have started an Australian Designer Project, featuring artwork by local designers available to purchase on their fabric. You'll find 8 exclusive Fabric Drawer prints available to custom print by the metre onto any of their base cloths. To view the prints available and to order visit the Digital Fabrics website.

When I was at studying and even throughout the early years of my career as a graphic designer, I had never heard of the term surface designer. There were graphic designers, illustrators, textile designers, interior designers but not surface designers. It wasn't until I started delving into the world of repeating patterns that I realised it was a thing! Rachael King, a

With more of us at home than not, now seems a good time to pick up a new project or two. Last year Nerida Hansen fabrics brought out a range of mid-weight cottons and I'm thrilled another design is now available to purchase. Meadow was inspired by our camping trips around Victoria and encompasses the colours and stylised motifs I love working

This latest collaboration is extra special to me. Not only did I get to work with The Green Collective for two designs of their SPRUCE biodegradable, home compostable dish cloths, but a 10% donation will be made to the RSPCA bushfire appeal for each sale of the ‘Save The Animals’ print! After the devastating bushfires, it’s great to be able to contribute in some

Country Style Magazine featured my Apiary Made prints in their December 2019 Christmas Edition. Since working with Apiary Made, it's been wonderful to see these prints make their way in stockists in Australia and beyond. December 2019 Edition

Just in time for Christmas! Monster Threads have released some new products and prints, and you'll find my Animal Slumber print on foldable glasses cases, reusable shopping bags and cotton tops. It's been wonderful working with an Australian brand who supports artists local and abroad. Foldable glasses/sunglasses case and reusable shopping bags. You'll still find my Winter Garden print available on a range

One of the joys of having a range of fabric out is seeing what people create. I've seen totes and purses, table cloths, gorgeous clothing, but this stitching from Amy Kallissa blew me away. I've always wanted to try my hand at stitching and even bought myself a hoop years ago, but never got to even find time to start. You can find

When I first started getting into pattern design, one of my aspirations was to have my own range of fabrics. I love the idea of seeing what people create with my fabric. After several attempts showing my folio to various fabric companies, I decided to create my own range of products using fabric I had printed myself. I thought that this would