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Patterns and Illustrations

If you've never used a handkerchief before, then you're missing out! I've been using one for the last couple of years and they have had a fair bit of use over the years for many other things other than runny noses. Think of a cloth to wipe wet or sticky hands or something to wipe down a wet bike seat. It's so handy

Emily from Bravery Co.'s story and the stories she shares are ones of incredible bravery. Cancer has touched so many of us, including in my own extended family. I’m honoured to have had the opportunity to collaborate on a scarf design with Bravery Co. and hope this print can bring a bit of light and hope into the lives of these warriors

My upcoming fabric collection with Cloud 9 Fabrics was featured in the August 2021 edition of the American Quilt Retailer Magazine. This is the very first time I have a full collection of prints available on quilting fabric. After many years of designing pattern collections - I've rarely licensed more than 1 or 2 prints at a time - so to have

I feel like this year has been a bit of a culmination of years of hard work to get my designs out on fabrics. I first discovered patterns through fabrics and have spent many hours (and dollars) buying metres of fabric - just to collect, rarely with an intent to use it! I first met Nerida Hansen at Finders Keepers Melbourne market

When I first started dabbling in surface design, I had a few dream clients on my radar and Cloud 9 Fabrics was definitely one of them. They have always had such a beautiful and curated selection of designs and some of my favourite designers have had fabric collections through them. One of the other big things I love is that their fabrics are

Being in lockdown again now feels like the new normal, but I have to say each time it happens it doesn’t get any easier. But the release of this new collaboration with Art x Scrubs has lifted my spirits! ? I have so much respect and gratitude to all the health professionals doing their jobs day in and day out, putting themselves at

Origin Magazine is an American based creative magazine featuring articles and art focusing on inspiration and wellness from artists around the globe. I've always found buying magazines a bit of a luxury item, so it's always exciting to sit down and flip through a magazine and even more so when your work and the work of other artists you know of are

Spotlight has been on my wish list for years (literally years, we're talking more than 5 years). I have pitched to Spotlight on a few occasions, but the work has never been quite right for them so it feels a tad surreal to finally have some prints in such a well known fabric store. For those of you outside of Australia, Spotlight

Sydney-based fabric printer Digital Fabrics have started an Australian Designer Project, featuring artwork by local designers available to purchase on their fabric. You'll find 8 exclusive Fabric Drawer prints available to custom print by the metre onto any of their base cloths. To view the prints available and to order visit the Digital Fabrics website.

When I was at studying and even throughout the early years of my career as a graphic designer, I had never heard of the term surface designer. There were graphic designers, illustrators, textile designers, interior designers but not surface designers. It wasn't until I started delving into the world of repeating patterns that I realised it was a thing! Rachael King, a